Amotherby Community Primary School

Playground Buddies

Playground Buddies

Playground Buddies play a very important role in making sure our playground is a happy and safe place for everyone. Every year, pupils in Year 6 are invited to apply for the position and if successful, are provided with training before they undertake their role. They then carry out their duty for one lunchtime every week and they wear bright yellow bibs so that other children know who they are. As well as helping other children across the school, being a Playground Buddy is also an opportunity to develop leadership skills which will be useful in later life. We are very proud of our fantastic group of Playground Buddies for helping to make sure every child at Amotherby is happy and safe. 


What is the role of a Playground Buddy?

  1. To be a good role model to others at all times
  2. To lead activities on the playground
  3. To help prevent any form of bullying in our school
  4. To make sure all children have someone to play with
  5. To help to solve low-level arguments


 What should effective Playground Buddies be like?

  • Treat everyone fairly
  • Be patient and kind
  • Be a good friend to everyone
  • Be a good listener
  • Use calm voices and talk to others with respect
  • Help others to develop good social skills
  • Look out for children who need help or are lonely
  • Tell an adult when there is a problem


Playground Buddies lead activities by:

  • Choosing safe areas to play
  • Asking children what games they would like to play
  • Leading a range of different activities
  • Explaining the rules of the game clearly to everyone
  • Ensuring everyone is involved in the game

Please talk to Mrs Brazier if you have any questions about Playground Buddies.