Amotherby Community Primary School



At Amotherby, it is our intent to develop a love of English in our pupils. Through an inspiring curriculum, we engage our pupils in both writing and reading developing an excellent understanding of written communication and a genuine love of reading that will prepare them for life beyond the classroom.



Starting with the art of communication, we begin to develop our children's understanding of the English language through talk.  Through actively seeking opportunities in the early years for pupils to develop their fine motor skills and the teaching of phonics, we begin to build the foundations of written communication in both word and sentence construction.  This then develops into an understanding of how powerful the written word can be.  Using a range of high-quality texts and teacher modelling, children build an understanding of different genres and learn how to communicate effectively in different forms. 


Reading is at the centre of our curriculum. From the moment children start school, they are immersed in high quality texts that seek to develop their understanding of English, the world around them and to ultimately foster a love of reading.  Engaging core texts are used within topics and opportunities to read and be read to are built into the weekly timetable.  


In learning to read, children are taught phonic recognition through the use of the government document 'Letters and Sounds'.  Through phonetically decodable books, pupils grow in confidence and begin to develop their fluency and comprehension.  A love of reading is vital in developing life-long readers and through events, celebrations of books and regularly updating texts, we encourage our children to read a wide and diverse range of books.



Children will develop a love of reading and an understanding of the power of the written word.  They will be able to communicate effectively in a range of ways and will be proficient in expressing their views.